Day 49 of the Obama Administration - History

Day 49 of the Obama Administration - History

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The President began his day with his security and economic briefings. After his economic briefing the President and the Treasury Secretary made some brief remarks to the press. The President spoke on the need for the G20 to take coordinated efforts to stimulate the worlds economy. Text At 11:20 the President spoke for the need for earmark reform. He stated that he was willing to sign the current Ominbus spending bill, but the process of earmarks needed to be reformed. He proposed how. Text

At 1 PM the President signed an executive order establishing the White House office on Women and Girls.

In the afternoon he met with both the House and Senate Democratic budget leaders.

On his return to the White House the President received his security and economic briefings. At 3:30 he met with members of the New Democratic Coalition.

At 5:30 the President met with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. The two discussed the situation in Darfur, Global Warming and a number of other world issues. Remarks