Roman skeletons found in Cádiz

Roman skeletons found in Cádiz

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The workers who worked in the expansion works of the parking lot of the Segunda Aguada station, in Cádiz, last week ran into two alignments of Roman burials from the late Punic Republican period, dated between the end of the 3rd century and the 2nd century BC. C. A total of eight adult corpses, seven of them buried and one cremated, facing the setting sun and possibly covered with shrouds.

The burials have been located in the vicinity of the Cadiz coast, next to the coastline near Balauarte de Santa Ana. This area served as a jetty and place of departure and entry of goods.

The project for the car park work, which includes 20 parking spaces for vehicles and four for motorcycles attached to the station building, as well as ramps and enabled accesses, has turned out to be the source of discovery of the burials. These, dug directly into clay rock, are formed by narrow cavities where the bodies were deposited and later some of them were covered with oyster and ceramic tile.

In addition to the bodies, which were studied by anthropologists last Friday to determine their gender, the small site has revealed other objects of everyday life such as earring rings, necklaces, rings and ointments. The municipal technicians reported that possibly the archaeological investigation work would conclude at the end of last week.

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